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Shop And Ship

Shop online with any UK/European store and we will repackage and forward your goods to you anywhere in the world. This is a great service for those who want to purchase products that are available in the UK or in other parts of Europe, but need an address within Europe. We will provide you with a UK address where the items will initially be received. Upon receipt of your purchase items we will review the items in order to confirm that they are correct and in good condition. Your items will then be securely repackaged and sent to you (anywhere in the world).

How it works

  • You register with us online.
  • We create an account for you and provide you with a UK address.
  • Start shopping online in the UK & Europe where products are much cheaper.
  • When we have received your items, we will notify you by email or phone.

Once we have your order in our warehouse, we can then confirm if the order is correct and start repacking.

At this point, we can ship your goods if you are ready. If you are not ready for your goods to be shipped because you are waiting for more items, we will store your items in our warehouse for safe keeping.

Once you are ready, we can combine and repack boxes in order to save you money on the shipping cost. We will always provide you with the cheapest way to send your items.

After agreeing to the total cost and once we have received the full payment, we will ship your items according to your preference. We will provide you with all of the relevant documents for the shipment. Customer clearance in the destination country is your responsibility.

Prohibited Goods

Tango customers agree to refrain from sending prohibited items which include but are not limited to

  • Weapons and firearms
  • Illegal narcotics/drugs
  • Explosive, flammable and toxic products
  • Aerosol/paints
  • Pornographic materials
  • Cigarettes and tobacco
  • Currency
  • Human remains
  • Livestock/pets
  • Perishable items
  • Plants
  • Goods that are likely to damage other goods or endanger transporters of goods;

This includes but is not limited to goods that may encourage mould, vermin and or contamination of some sort.

Should Tango encounter any prohibited items, such items may be reported to the police and seized immediately or returned to the sender. The Customer may be subjected to a court order to dispose of goods or may have their goods disposed of. If the Customer does not retrieve goods at the time requested by Tango then Tango reserves the right to dispose of the goods.

In this case, the Customer must also pay for costs related to the disposal of their unclaimed goods. In general, Tango reserves the right to dispose of any goods it deems inappropriate or harmful. Tango is not liable for any illegal items sent by the Customer.


We can provide you with the service of repacking and consolidation in order to save money.

  • We can consolidate smaller packages into one larger box.
  • If the original packaging is damaged we will inform you and repack.
  • If the packaging is insufficient for shipment we will repack appropriately.

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