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Terms And Conditions

Use of Tango Aviation Services’s website (www.tangoaero.uk) and its services are an indication that you (the user and/or customer) agree to the Terms & Conditions below. If you—the user or customer—do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, you are advised to cease using this website and its services immediately.

We are a shipping and freight forwarding company based in the UK. We specialise in exporting international commercial goods, personal effects, excess luggage, vehicles and door to door service. We offer relocation and packaging services of commercial and personal goods.

Please read our Terms & Conditions prior to utilising our website and services. As circumstances may change, you are advised to regularly review Tango Aviation Services’s Terms and & Conditions for updates. Tango Aviation Services reserves the right to change, modify or amend these Term & Conditions.


  • 1. This website and its Terms & Conditions are solely governed by the law of the United Kingdom.

  • 2. Users and/or customers making any allegations against Tango Aviation Services must complete and submit our standardised form (found online) in typed format with a live signature within 90 days of the alleged incident. These allegations must also be received within this 90 day period. If these allegations are not submitted within the required format and time span then Tango Aviation Services is completely absolved of all and any responsibility related to the alleged incident.

  • 3. The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold the Company harmless from any claims and/or liability for any loss, damage, expense or delay that is not the direct fault of Tango Aviation Services. This includes but is not limited to circumstances beyond Tango Aviation Services’s control such as damage, delay or loss caused by vehicle accident, severe weather, fire/explosion or that which occurs while goods are in the custody of a third party.

  • 4. Tango Aviation Services is not liable or responsible for any action or lack of action of any third party or its affiliates; nor does Tango Aviation Services represent or warrant any third party or its affiliates in any way despite selecting certain third parties to execute services that are beyond the capacity and jurisdiction of Tango Aviation Services. Such services may include but are not limited to: maritime transport, haulage and clearance. Tango Aviation Services is not responsible for any damage, delay or loss that occurs to goods while they are in the custody of any third party and its related affiliates. Claims made in relation to a third party action (or inaction) should be brought against the third party and its related affiliates and not Tango Aviation Services.

  • 5. Quotations regarding fees and any other charges made by Tango Aviation Services are for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice; hence, they are under no circumstances binding upon Tango Aviation Services. Tango Aviation Services is not obligated to offer particular rates except in the event that a written contract is made between Tango Aviation Services and the customer. If there are any changes to your delivery address, there will be additional charges.

    Customers are responsible for thoroughly reviewing Tango Aviation Services’s Terms & Conditions as well as our Privacy Policy and adhering to it accordingly.

  • 6. By using our services the Customer agrees to thoroughly review all of the relevant international requirements related to the importation and exportation of goods.
  • 7. In using our services the Customer confirms that all of the information which they provide is complete, correct and in compliance with British law and the law of the destination country.
  • 8. The Customer agrees that they will be present for the entire duration of the appointment. Should the Customer have a representative available, they must specifically inform Tango Aviation Services prior to the appointment via email or text. If the customer or representative is unavailable or late for the appointment, then the Tango Aviation Services representative(s) reserves the right to cancel the appointment; hence, in such case, the customer would have to reschedule their appointment if desired. The Customer accepts that a fee will be charged for subsequent appointments if the Customer is late or unavailable for scheduled appointments more than twice.
  • 9. The Customer assumes full legal responsibility for the goods that they provide for shipping. Tango Aviation Services is not responsible for any consequences rendered by the government due to their (the Customer’s) own negligence of the law.
  • 10. Tango Aviation Services customers agree to have their cash or debit payment for Tango Aviation Services services prepared at the time of their appointment. If such payment is not made available, the Customer accepts the consequence that although goods will be taken (only the first time this occurs), they will not be shipped until a valid payment is received. If the customer does not send a payment within a three month period or is not available for contact, the Customer accepts that their goods will be disposed of or sold. If the Customer does not have payment available for subsequent appointments, the Customer accepts that their appointment will be cancelled and that a fee will be charged before their next appointment (cash or debit) should they wish to schedule another appointment.
  • 11. The Customer assumes financial responsibility for any parking charges incurred by Tango Aviation Services while rendering services to the Customer.
  • 12. The Customer agrees to arrange appropriate insurance to cover their goods against all insurable risks.

    13. Tango Aviation Services customers agree to refrain from sending prohibited items which include but are not limited to:

  • Weapons and firearms
  • Illegal narcotics/drugs
  • Explosive, flammable and toxic products
  • Aerosol/paints
  • Pornographic materials
  • Cigarettes, tobacco
  • Currency
  • Human remains
  • Livestock/pets
  • Perishable items
  • Plants
  • Goods that are likely to damage other goods or endanger transporters of goods; this includes but is not limited to goods that may encourage mould, vermin and or contamination of some sort
  • Any items that are considered illegal under British law and that of the destination country
  • Should Tango Aviation Services encounter any prohibited items, such items may be reported to the police and seized immediately or returned to the sender. The Customer may be subjected to a court order to dispose of goods or may have their goods disposed of. If the Customer does not retrieve goods at the time requested by Tango Aviation Services then Tango Aviation Services reserves the right to dispose of the goods. In this case, the Customer must also pay for costs related to the disposal of their unclaimed goods. In general, Tango Aviation Services reserves the right to dispose of any goods it deems inappropriate or harmful. Tango Aviation Services is not liable for any illegal items sent by the Customer.


    Tango Aviation Services reserves the right to amend its Terms & Conditions as it sees fit. Customers are advised to regularly review these Terms & Conditions for updates and modifications.


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